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Our Tax Practitioners expertly provide advice, structuring and dispute resolution solutions to various Industries, Business Sectors, Private Companies, SMMEs, Family Offices, Trusts, High-Net-Worth-Individuals and Professionals.

Cost Effective, Accurate, and Legitimate Taxation Solutions and Services. 

In an ever-changing business and regulatory environment, the importance of having a Tax advisory team that is able to provide current bespoke, pro-active, clear and practical solutions cannot be overstated.

Tax Administration

Tax Registrations

We register individuals and other entities (e.g. trusts, companies, non-profit entities) for Tax - be it Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, customs, UIF or SDL.

We also register persons on the SARS e-filing platform.

Tax clearance certificates

We help clients obtain tax clearance certificates timeously so that they are not hindered from taking full advantage of all business opportunities available to them.

Tax compliance

We prepare and submit Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, provisional tax and dividend Tax returns for Individuals, Companies and Trusts.

Collaboration with fellow accounting and tax professionals

If you are an accountant with your own firm, but do not have the proper tax experience to handle some of your clients’ more complicated tax problems. Don’t stress yourself, we can work together. We’ll do the taxes and you can focus on what you’re passionate about: accounting and auditing.

KHS & Partners Compliance related Offering:

Free review of their Tax compliance status
Free Tax report on how to get complaint
• Registration for relevant taxes and e-filing
• Preparation of financial statements
• Preparation of management accounts
• Submission of relevant Tax returns
• Tax clearance applications
• Negotiations with SARS on TCC for indebted SMME’S

Queue No More

Are you too busy to spend too much time at a SARS branch ? 

We queue at SARS branches on your behalf for any SARS related matters such as bank account verifications and submission of supporting documents. 

Reduced anxiety, knowing that we have a proven history of resolving long outstanding Tax problems.
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