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Sometimes disputes with SARS are unavoidable. In such cases we assist with:

Tax Disputes

Objections and Appeals

Did you know you can lose a case against SARS simply because you did not give proper grounds for objecting or appealing SARS Tax treatment of certain items?

We can therefore assist you by articulating why we believe SARS is incorrect in its interpretation of the law.

Tax Board and Tax Court representation

These two platforms are available to Taxpayers who would like to appeal SARS’ negative findings against them during the objection process.

Suspension of payments

Even though you may have submitted an objection or appeal, SARS still requires you to pay the disputed amount of Tax upfront.

We assist Taxpayers who are not in the financial position to do this by applying to have the payment suspended until the objection or appeal has been finalised.

Tax Ombud Representation

Where you have followed all SARS protocol and timelines in attempting to resolve your Tax matter but the issue persists, we are able to help you take your matter to the Tax ombudsman.

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