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Our Tax Practitioners expertly provide advice, structuring and dispute resolution solutions to various Industries, Business Sectors, Private Companies, SMMEs, Family Offices, Trusts, High-Net-Worth-Individuals and Professionals.

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Where you find yourself in the unfortunate position of owing a lot of Tax and want to know what options are available to you, we can assist with the following:

Tax Debts

Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) 

If you haven’t been paying, or have been underpaying, your tax, it appears you have every right to be worried. We can assist you navigate through this complex process to ensure that you to ensure you get the best benefits and protection from the VDP process.

Settlements and Debt Compromises

You evaded Tax, were audited by SARS and were found to have engaged in Tax evasion. Now you have a massive Tax debt, which threatens the very survival of your business. You know you were wrong but sometimes the simple reality is that you just cannot pay the debt.

We assist such Taxpayers by negotiating with SARS to have a portion of the debt reduced. 

Paying Tax in instalments 

Sometimes the issue is not that you cannot pay your Tax debt; it’s that you cannot pay it all at once. In such cases the law allows taxpayers to enter into instalment payment agreements with SARS, where the Tax can be paid in monthly instalments.

Alternatively, you can arrange to pay the entire Tax debt in a few months’ time because that is when the cash to pay will be available to you.

Tax Penalties

Where you have incurred various SARS penalties, we look for ways to reduce them using the various solutions available in the Tax law.

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