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Our Tax Practitioners expertly provide advice, structuring and dispute resolution solutions to various Industries, Business Sectors, Private Companies, SMMEs, Family Offices, Trusts, High-Net-Worth-Individuals and Professionals.

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We provide the following Tax advisory services:

Tax Advisory

Tax and estate planning for entities (i.e. corporate reorganisations) and individuals

This service is provided to forward-thinking taxpayers who would like to plan ahead and be proactive in minimising their Tax expense.

SARS audits

We provide excellent support by engaging with SARS on your behalf to ensure that a SARS audit does not cause you undue hardship.

Tax risk assessments 

If you were to be audited by SARS today, what would they find?

We help you identify various areas where you may be at risk.

Voluntary disclosure to SARS 

We help you identify instances in the past where you paid less Tax than you were supposed to, but SARS has not discovered this yet. You would like to come clean and fix these past mistakes by paying the additional Tax you owe.

Fortunately, the law allows you to do so without incurring the penalties that would apply if SARS were to discover these mistakes on their own. We can assist you with this process.

Offshore Tax Planning 

We assist taxpayers who would like to establish a business presence in a foreign country.

Exchange control 

There are various SARS and reserve bank rules that apply when you want to move money out of the country.

We provide speedy assistance in these sorts of matters.

Tax Advisory Services

International Tax advice 

We provide Tax advice to foreign investors, expatriates, international entertainers and sportsmen earning income from South Africa.

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